Safety Solutions for the Renewable Energy Sector

Alpha Omega Safety offers turnkey, scalable, certified, affordable and compliant solutions for the renewable energy sector that allow you to focus on your production and contract obligations. We provide everything from start to finish related to renewable energy Environmental Health and Occupational Safety.

Our services include:  turnkey safety staffing solutions; wind energy contractor safety manuals; project safety orientation & training videos; and, drone infrared wind turbine blade inspections.

We pride ourselves on our reputation in the industry and on having the best team members who support our goals to create a better and cleaner future.


Our vision is to be the most trusted and acknowledged safety company in the market by the providing client-focused, quality-driven, professionally administered services – utilizing our cost-effective, world-class technical practices, and ethical behavior. We strive to achieve our vision through access to excellence and extraordinary resources ensuring a wholesome experience. Alpha Omega Safety LLC is also committed to the vision to be viewed by our employees as a safe, secure, professional, and healthy work environment.


Renewable Energy Construction
Wind Turbine Operations & Maintenance
Wind Turbine Composite Repair
Wind Turbine Repower Projects
Automotive Manufacturing
Chemical Management
Wood Manufacturing
Power Plant Shut-downs
Substation & Distribution
Environmental Clean-up

Alpha Omega Safety LLC Code of Ethics

Alpha Omega uses the Board of Certified Safety Professionals Code of Ethics as our benchmark:

  1. Hold the safety and health of individuals and the protection of the environment and property as a priority. Notify all affected parties of unacceptable risk.
  2. Conduct yourself fairly and impartially with responsibility and integrity. Avoid conduct that would discredit the profession.
  3. Public statements must be based only in truth and founded in knowledge and competence.
  4. Only take on assignments you are qualified for and take responsibility for maintaining competence through continuing education.
  5. Never misrepresent your qualifications or exaggerate your experience in any given subject.
  6. Maintain professional conduct and avoid conflicts of interest
  7. Conduct your affairs professionally, free from bias and discrimination.
  8. Seek out opportunities for public service to advance the well-being of your community.

Why Choose Alpha Omega Safety LLC

Our mission is to create a third party service company whose work reflects our passion for the renewable energy sector in the USA and Australia. Our goals have always been to treat any project like our own, be responsive and professional, respect others, be proud of the work we do, and to have fun on the way.

Alpha Omega Safety provides our clients with uncompromising safety, risk management, and training while understanding your immediate productivity and financial concerns. This is accomplished through understanding and knowledge of the construction and manufacturing processes. We expect nothing less than a zero loss/accident outcome.

We have highly trained and experienced staff that learns and adapts to your company culture. We provide new graduates training, understanding of our site safety scorecard, and the goals to be met. This is what separates us from other companies!

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